Saturday, March 24, 2012

Salmon Mousse in Belgian Endive Boats Endive Boats with Salmon
Salmon Mousse in Belgian Endive Boats
It is raining cats and dogs here! While I was out going to the movies (Hunger Games) and running errands I got drenched.  The tune in my head all day has been "April Showers bring May Flowers!" and I swear the grass is so much more verdant than it was yesterday.  Unfortunately though, this driving rain is stripping the Cherry Blossoms off the tree branches prematurely. 

I threw together a really quick snack this afternoon, nothing too fancy or expensive, but can be served for an elegant lunch or party.  I love when they pass trays at wedding receptions or cocktail parties that have something served in an endive leaf.
Belgian Endive
Endive leaves are the perfect snack canvas.  They are crispy, bite size and have a very neutral flavor.  They are extremely low on the glycemic index and are strongly anti-inflammatory. You can read more about the nutritional value of an endive here.

After peeling off of just the two outer leaves this is what an Belgian Endive look like.  And yes it is pronounced On-deeve.

I'm not sure why but I picked up some Vegan Cream Cheese instead of the full fat regular Philly Cream Cheese.  I'm not vegan, but I figure slipping a few vegan foods into my diet once in a while couldn't hurt.  Vegan crean cheese made from soy kinda tastes like the real thing, although I haven't tried it spread on a bagel or anything.  The jury is still out.

4oz. Smoked Salmon, 2T Fresh Dill, 2oz. Cream Cheese, Juice half a Lemon, Black Pepper to taste

 I whizzed 4oz. Smoked Salmon, 2T Fresh Dill, 2oz. Cream Cheese, Juice half a Lemon, Black Pepper to taste up in the blender, the one I used is a ninja.  No really it's a Ninja Kitchen System 1100 , its got like six blades and a uber powerful motor that just eviscerates any and everything you could possibly put in it.  

After cutting the bottom from the endive I removed the leaves one by one and set them on the serving plate.  Spoon the mousse into a Ziploc baggie.  (Ugh! Unfortunately I couldn't locate my brand new never used pastry bag!)  Pipe a good amount of mouse into each leaf.

 I garnished these with a caper, lemon zest and red caviar (lumpfish).  Kick back and enjoy!  Now I am going to fix a cocktail and relax!

Have you ever tried Vegan Cream Cheese?  Let me know what you think.

Get your own Ninja!

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