Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Salmon Stuffed Mushroom Caps

These warm Salmon Stuffed Mushroom Caps are overflowing with flavor and are so simple to make.  With a little help from the Gorton's Fisherman and a few fresh veggies I was able to quickly whip together this wholesome snack

 As always the ingredients I used for today's snack are only what was available at the time I was ready to eat.  So, take a look in your freezer and pull out whatever frozen fish or protein you happen to have.   We just so happened to have Gorton's Grilled Salmon, Lemon Butter flavor.  You'll want to cook it according to the package or heat it through in a skillet then set it aside to cool. I used both salmon fillets in the package.

We had about ten large button mushroom left in the fridge, so I cleaned them up with a damp paper towel, just to remove any dirt particles.  Never wash your mushrooms in water because they are like little sponges and will become waterlogged, which will keep them from browning.  Remove the stems and scoop out the center.  Place your cleaned mushrooms in a baking dish just big enough to hold them, the tighter the fit the better. Set aside.

Chop the stems and centers of mushrooms, 3T onion, 1 T celery, 2T red bell pepper.  Saute veggies in a large skillet with 1T butter.  Use a nice large skillet on a med-high heat.  The large skillet will allow the water to evaporate as it is released from the mushrooms and veggie.  Continue to saute and stir your veggies until they are cooked and caramelized like the image below.

I could just eat these veggies as is, but I'll hold off until the finished product.  See how they have browned and caramelized and the water has evaporated.  If you still have a lot of liquid in the bottom of your pan then you'll need to continue cooking your veggies.  Too much water will make your mushrooms a soggy mess. 

 Now that the salmon is cooled, take a fork and flake it in to small chunks.  

 We have Ritz and as y'all know~ Everything tastes better on a Ritz!  So, I was sure it would taste good in these Salmon Stuffed Mushroom Caps.  Just take 8-10 crackers and pound the heck out of them in a Ziploc baggie.  For good solid filling that is not too loose and holds up to the moisture that the mushrooms are going to give off you'll want to have at least 1/4-1/3 Cup of cracker crumbs.

Mix together in a large bowl, the flaked salmon, cracker crumbs, sauteed veggies, 1 beaten egg and 2-3T milk.  Season with salt & pepper and a few sprinkles of Cayenne Pepper.  This should yield about 3/4 to 1C of filling.   Your filling should have enough body to pile it into your mushroom caps.  If your filling does not sit-up on the spoon like in the above photo then you'll want to crush more cracker in it. 

With the cleaned caps in a baking dish fill all your caps using all of the filling.  As you can see I had ten and was able to fill them all with lots of this yummy filling.  Pile it on there!!!! 

Bake them in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.  And look what you get.....

These Stuffed Mushroom Caps are so good and good for you! Mushrooms are one of the Top 20 Super Foods!!  


  1. Looks yummy! I wonder how that would taste with the canned smoked Alaskan salmon. I still have a couple of cans left.

    1. I have canned smoked salmon too and am having people over to celebrate my husbands birthday. I was thinking of trying the smoked salmon stuffed mushrooms and was wondering how yours turned out.

  2. I bet the smoked salmon would take these to a whole new level. Give it a try and let me know how they come out! Yum! :D

  3. Two thumbs up for this healthy and yummy snack! Like most kids I know, my nephews are also a little picky when it comes to eating vegetables. Your recipe is a creative way to encourage them to eat their veggies.


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